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This Safety Guide collates those of our Safety Guidelines relating to construction activities (on sets or other structures, including under 'CDM') and to the occupation / use of building premises (studios or locations).

This Guide therefore brings together all of the safety information you need to know when managing a production, or other, work team which intends to:

  • build or alter something - for example, building a set in a studio, making-over a contributor’s house, building a drama set on location, etc.
  • work, occupy or manage temporarily a location premises

in order to let you know how to go about co-ordinating your activities with those of others (members of the public, contractors, premises managers, or others) for the safety benefit of all. It also advises you on what safety precautions and services might be required at the premises, for example, in relation to: fire precautions, first aid arrangements, licencing / permit requirements, electrical services, managing occupancy levels and access, etc.

In any construction work, you’ll need to be aware of how to manage the work safely, from design through to build and then completion / handover. You’ll need to make sure that the right people are engaged and that they understand their roles and responsibilities throughout. Specific details on these, including on what constitutes ‘construction work’, are given in our Guidelines to 'CDM'.

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