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Date: 22.02.2016     Last updated: 11.04.2018 at 11.46
The following Safety Training is mandatory for those working in Production:
  • Production Safety – Online course (1 hour) - For those who work on productions but do not manage safety and do not complete risk assessments. This includes Runners, Production Management Assistants etc
  • Safe Management of TV Productions (1 day) - For those who manage people / safety on production and/or complete/approve risk assessments. This includes Executive Producers, Production Executives, Line Producers, Series Producers, Producers, Assistant Producers, Directors of Photography, 1st Assistant Directors, 2nd Assistant Directors, 3rd AD, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Heads of Departments etc.
  • TV Production Safety Refresher (3 hours) - For those who manage people / safety on production and/or complete/approve risk assessments and who have attended Safe Management of Productions 5 years ago.
  • Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT,6 days) - For those working for the BBC in countries designated hostile environments.

H&S Training Courses

You can find links to all training offered, including mandatory training, through the BBC Academy via our safety guideline to 'Training and Competence: Safety' (see Related Topics).

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