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Date: 16.02.2016     Last updated: 15.09.2016 at 14.52
This section describes how to find information from the PSG and how its Guidelines are laid out.

The PSG is simply a collation of those of our safety, security, health and environmental Guidelines which are likely to be of most use to TV productions, and the Guidelines featured here (see "PSG Activity List") also feed into the PSG in our Safety App (see PSG Introduction section). Those wishing to explore our other Guidelines should consult our A-Z list of BBC Safety Guidelines (see Introduction) or use our Search Tool.

Guideline format

Each of our Safety Guidelines contain:

  • Title
  • Description - Scope of the topic/activity/location
  • What can go Wrong/Hazards? - In order of significance
  • Legal / BBC Requirements - Legal requirements (usually UK) and BBC requirements that are mandatory
  • Control Measures - List of controls for all the listed hazards; sometimes with sub-headings such as planning, location, documentation or similar
  • Division Specific Issues - Any specific risks or controls unique to a specific division or programme department
  • Did you know / FAQs - Interesting facts and frequently asked questions about the topic
  • Related Links

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This site describes what the BBC does in relation to managing its health, safety and security risks and is intended for those who work directly for the BBC.

It is not intended to provide instruction or guidance on how third parties should manage their risks. The BBC cannot be held liable for how this information is interpreted or used by third parties, nor provide any assurance that adopting it would provide any measure of legal compliance. More information.

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