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Getting Started (JSG)

Date: 09.04.2015     Last updated: 13.09.2017 at 09.55
Guidelines on how to use the Journalism Safety Guide (JSG).

Anyone deployed or deploying, must undertake the mandatory News Assignment Location Safety (NALS) training course before utilising the JSG guide approach. This can be booked via the BBC Academy Training site. Further information is contained in the training section.

Firstly, decide whether the assignment/activity is familiar and routine, whether it’s covered by this guide and review the training/experience of those being deployed.

This flowchart can help you to decide whether the JSG approach is correct for you.


Recording JSG usage

If after successfully working through the JSG flowchart and you have decided this approach works, you or the deployer must then record this in the risk assessment section of the deployment sheet, in the planning section of the Journalism Portal.

Alternatively it may be recorded in ENPS or any other local records system that is used where you are. The controls set out in the guide must be communicated and implemented. Further 'on the spot' assessment is only needed if circumstances change. This can be achieved by using the safety guide app or by phoning back to your local news desk.

Nb.a pdf copy of the JSG (dated Jan 2016) can be downloaded from the Useful Documents section (r/h margin).

Communications and Planning

There must be adequate resources in place for all deployments and scheduling – this is in proportion to the potential risk.

Communications – arrangements must be in place suitable for the deployment eg, mobile telephones, satellite phones, call in arrangements, distribution of any paperwork etc.

Planning – ensure only competent personnel are deployed, with adequate information gathered where possible and provided with satisfactory emergency plans if needed.

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