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Date: 20.01.2016     Last updated: 09.11.2016 at 15.46
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The JSG is part of our approach to undertaking risk assessments for journalists deployed on location. It applies only to deployments which are familiar / routine and for those who are up to date with their News Assignment Location Safety (NALS) safety training (see "Training (JSG)").

The Guidelines covered in the JSG identify hazards and the control measures required to reduce risk to an acceptable level. Users are reminded that this information is generic in nature and the risks encountered may vary with the particular situation or set of circumstances invovled. Any course of action should always be based on a sound and thorough assessment of safety risk.

Activities involving a significant risk of serious injury or death, such as deployments to hostile environments or covert filming, must be approved by the High Risk team and will likely require a location-specific risk assessment; as will activities involving significant risk which aren't covered in the JSG (see Getting Started (JSG)).

For the full list of activities covered by the Guide, click on "A-Z Activities List (JSG)". A PDF version of the full JSG (Jan 2016) can be found under "Useful Documents" in r/h margin.

The JSG is also available via the BBC App - see Related Topics.

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