Safety Alerts

Date: 23.11.2018     Last updated: 23.11.2018 at 11.15
Collated below are the Safety Alerts issued by BBC Safety.

These alerts are only accessible to those on the BBC network.

To raise a new Safety Alert, contact your Safety Adviser or the Safety Advice Line.



IEC Connectors (23 Nov 2018)

K&M Microphone Boom Friction Plates - Product Recall (20 Apr 2018)

Rendar and Schurter IEC Connector (18 Jan 2018)


RRP Power Distribution Unit (26 Jun 2017)


Johannesburg Airport (08 Nov 2016)

Istanbul Airport (29 Jun 2016)


Apple Mac desktop computer (12 Dec 2015)

Martindale socket testers (07 Dec 2015)


HP Laptop power cable (14 Aug 2014)

Schurter IEC connectors (14 Aug 2014)

Axia xNode Livewire Interface (14 Aug 2014)

Genie Z135/70 MEWP (24 Mar 2014)

UV from HMI lights (19 Mar 2014)

Portable heaters (20 Feb 2014)

APC UPS CS-650 (12 Feb 2014)


IEC 10Amp mains lead (24 Apr 2013)

USB phone charger adaptor (12 Mar 2013)

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