Safety Equipment Stores

The BBC Safety Equipment Store has a range of safety equipment to help protect your production team and others on location, including supplying our First Aid Kits.

Updated: 26 April 2021

Contact BBC Safety Stores

There is just one number for BBC Safety Stores: 0203 301 1257 (Option 4)

Or Email:

Located at: Orwell House, 16-18 Berners St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3LN (~5mins walk from NBH, access via Berners Mews)

In NBH itself, there is also an emergency safety store in Room S111 (B3 level, the same room as the News Camera Store). It contains a limited range of items for emergency News deployments only, including body armour, riot packs, medical kits and emergency grab bags. This store also holds some items for rapid deployment by the High Risk team and GND.

There is also a satellite Safety Equipment Store in the Pie Factory at Media City in Salford, but the satellite store at BH Bristol is now closed.

Equipment Available

The Safety Equipment Store has extensive supplies (see lists in Useful Documents, r/h margin), some are 'consumable' items (which need to be purchased and therefore not returned) and the remainder are for hire. If they haven't got it in stock, they will make every effort to source it for you.

The Safety Stores staff will:

  • Arrange and transport equipment to any UK destination within 24hrs (charges may apply).
  • Ensure that all safety equipment is correctly tested, repaired and accounted for on a regular basis.
  • Help facilitate worldwide deliveries (charges will apply).

Opening Times

Orwell House: Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00 (except closed on Bank Holidays)

Ordering Safety Equipment

  • All Divisions (except News group) need 'pay as they go' for safety equipment obtained from BBC Safety Stores
  • Consumable items are charged at a one-off purchase basis (and therefore need not be returned)
  • Hire items are charged at a weekly rate, with final charge determined on return date
  • Hire / purchase requests can be placed via phone or email - you will be asked to provide a cost code, production name, SAP authoriser name, collection and return date
  • For staff deploying to Hostile or Travel Advisory locations, the Safety Equipment Store staff will ask to see your Assignment Outline form
  • For safety equipment required at short notice, e.g. News group, the relevant assignment risk assessment should be sent by email to the stores staff - short notice checklists may be accepted to release equipment, but the assignment risk assessment needs to follow.
  • For those in Current Affairs – you will need to send Safety Stores your Cost Centre (rather than your programme code) to receive free hire of kit.  All purchases of consumables will still need to be placed on your charge/programme code.

Returning Safety Equipment

  • After use, equipment must be returned direct to the Safety Store from which it came
  • All equipment should be returned in serviceable condition - any items returned damaged or not returned will be charged to the hiring cost code at replacement cost
  • Safety equipment not returned by the agreed return date will incur additional hire charges.

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