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Date: 02.10.2015     Last updated: 30.06.2017 at 11.00
Marketing and promotional events, sometimes also referred to as marketing ‘stunts’, range from mini events to spectacular displays. They are usually designed to raise awareness of BBC Channels, programmes, productions, and other BBC ‘happenings’.

They can be targeted at the press, general public or a specialist audience.

They almost always involve an external marketing agency and can take place indoors at venues or outside, anywhere in the world.

Obviously the specific hazards will depend on the promotional activities, such as any stunts and the location, so the specific hazards should always be identified during planning e.g. setting fire to hill, using underground locations and valuable artefacts.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Lack of experience & competence could result in injury to participants and general public, loss of BBC reputation, injury/damage claims and failure of the proposed promotional activities or stunts at the event.
  • Inadequate identification and management of fire and emergency risks can lead to failure to respond promptly and correctly to any issues.
  • Overcrowding and the inability to safely evacuate in an emergency, crushing and distress.
  • Electricity, electric shock, failures and fire.
  • Slips, trips and falls, sprains, strains and other injuries.
  • Weather and local conditions can affect people, access and possibly structures. Consider sunburn, dehydration, hypothermia, discomfort.
  • Security, theft, loss, violence and distress.

Legal/BBC Requirements

  • There are no specific legal requirements to draw to your attention; you must still apply the control measures that are relevant to your activity.

Control Measures

General Controls

  • Agency / contractor to be selected who has track record in similar events.
  • A full discussion of the measures needed to manage the event safely will be part of the selection and planning process.
  • Contractor will appoint only qualified and experienced people to work with BBC on the event.
  • Contractor will carry full Public Liability Insurance etc and insurance suitable for the event.
  • Any potential issues will be quickly communicated to the BBC manager responsible.

Fire & Electrical

  • Consideration given to the type of promotional activities or stunts and any fire risks.
  • Consideration given to fire risks in venue or at location and suitable actions put in place to lower or eliminate any risks.
  • Venue or location fire measures will be complied with in full and emergency routes/equipment kept clear at all times.
  • All staff involved will be informed of fire arrangements on site including evacuation procedures.
  • Capacity calculations must be made for the location and expected crowds.
  • Access and egress routes must be set up and agreed that are adequate for the expected crowds.
  • Measures must be in place to respond effectively to overcrowding.
  • A qualified electrician to be used for voltage calculations, setting out and connection of any screens, generators, cables, devices or equipment used in the promotional activities, stunts or events.
  • Adequate communications will take place between the venue and the Agency before the event. All equipment taken on site will be visually inspected before connecting to the host supply or generator.
  • Generators must be in good working condition, supplied with adequate fuel (or refuelling arrangements in place) and secure from the general public.
  • Consideration is given to location planning to ensure safe routes are available through or around promotional activities, stunts or event.
  • No trailing leads on pedestrian routes.
  • Cables and other trailing leads must be flown, matted or ramped in any area accessible to the general public.

Working at Height & Weather

  • Work at height for the promotional activities, stunts or event must be covered by a specific risk assessment or an addition to this assessment.
  • Planning will take account of local weather conditions and ensure suitable clothing and footwear are worn.
  • Any safety risks from local conditions and geography will be part of the planning and communications.


  • Security planned pre event e.g. security personnel on site during the event in proportion to expected audience, talent, value of artefacts, location and subject matter.
  • All staff briefed on security before the event. Restriction on personal belongings brought on site.
  • General awareness of terrorist threat or crime in relation to each project.

Division Specific Issues

BBC Worldwide

  • A template marketing stunts risk assessment for Worldwide is in myRisks as: RA62150. This template can be selected, copied and customised for each promotional activity, stunt or event.

FAQs/Did You Know?

  • BBC Insurance services should be informed about any stunts or unusual events anywhere in the world.

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