Information and resources to help you manage safety within the BBC

Here you will find information and resources to help you manage safety within the BBC, including all of our Safety Guidelines, our Forms and Checklists, our Safety News items and information to help you get the most from myRisks Tools (incident reporting, risk assessment, etc.).

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please either contact your Safety Adviser or the BBC’s Safety Advice Line (see our Contacts pages for details).

  • A-Z of BBC Safety GuidelinesCollated here are all of our Safety, Security, Health, Environmental and Business Continuity Guidelines
  • Safety Hub Online tool for Risk Assessments, incidents and monitoring
  • myRisks archiveMyRisks was the BBC's online risk management system, used to record risk assessments, report and investigate accidents and incidents, record monitoring information and carry out DSE assessments. It is now archived. Please use Safety Hub.
  • BBC Safety AppThe BBC's Safety App has been developed to allow journalists and production teams working for the BBC to access the BBC’s safety information and guidance wherever they are in the world.
  • Safety NewsAll of the latest news from the Safety team
  • Forms and ChecklistsA collation of our key safety forms and checklists
  • LinksSome key safety-related links, including the Met Police Film Unit
  • Safety Equipment StoresJust one number to call: 0844 800 8875. The BBC Safety Equipment Store has a range of safety equipment to help protect your production team and others on location, including supplying our First Aid Kits.

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This site describes what the BBC does in relation to managing its health, safety and security risks and is intended for those who work directly for the BBC.

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