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Collated below are our Guidelines relating to mental health, providing guidance and advice, as well as describing the support services available to individuals and to managers.

Mental health and wellbeing at work is a broad and complex topic and there are both work-related and individual factors that can influence mental health at work. In terms of the BBC, there are inherent risks to mental health and wellbeing in some of the work we do that must be considered (e.g. making programmes on sensitive and difficult subjects, viewing graphic images, witnessing traumatic events). The more general aspects of work such as workload, working relationships, sense of control etc can also influence mental health and wellbeing positively or negatively. These factors should be approached in a similar manner to physical safety in the workplace in terms of identifying, assessing and managing the risks and then helping those who become unwell / injured.

Also, some employees will bring to the workplace individual vulnerabilities such as existing mental health issues and personal problems, which may impact their mental health and wellbeing and work performance.

A comprehensive approach to supporting mental health at work therefore includes managing work related risks to mental health where possible and providing information, advice and support in respect of non-work related mental health and wellbeing issues.

The following pages provide information and resources on a range of mental health and wellbeing topics, and see also the range of support services available (see Useful Documents):

  • Improving mental well-being and resilience

    Improving mental well-being and resilience

    Mental health and wellbeing is relevant for all of us, whether we have a mental health condition or not. Mental wellbeing is a continuum which we can move along depending on what is happening in our lives. Find guidance and tips here about how to maintain and improve your mental wellbeing and resilience at work.


  • Work-related mental health

    Work-related mental health

    There are many factors at work that can impact mental health and wellbeing – from reporting in a hostile environment, to interviewing a contributor about a sensitive topic, to general work demands. It’s important to be able to identify and manage these work-related psychological issues, in order to promote mental health and wellbeing and provide support where needed (including EAP services).


  • Mental health problems affecting work

    Mental health problems affecting work

    It’s important to have open conversations about mental health at work and consider adjustments, accommodations and support needs for those who are managing mental health issues. This section covers guidance, advice and relevant BBC support services (including the EAP service).


  • Mental health crisis or emergency

    Mental health crisis or emergency

    Mental health emergencies at work can happen at any time, just in the same way that physical emergencies can. Guidance is provided here about how best to handle these psychological emergencies to ensure the individuals get the timely and appropriate support they need, including through our Mental Health First Aid network (MHFA) and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).


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