Working With Third Parties

This section lists the Safety Guidelines we have for when we work with third parties i.e. those who are not employed directly by the BBC.

The Guidelines listed below explain the duty of care we have to these third parties and how we should set about working with them safely, whether we contract them to perform a job of work remote from us (e.g. Indies, contractors), or they work directly alongside us in helping us to make content for our programmes (e.g. contributors, freelancers, contractors). Third parties make a huge contribution to what we do, and it is in all of our best interests that we know how to work well together.

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About this site

This site describes what the BBC does in relation to managing its health, safety and security risks and is intended for those who work directly for the BBC.

It is not intended to provide instruction or guidance on how third parties should manage their risks. The BBC cannot be held liable for how this information is interpreted or used by third parties, nor provide any assurance that adopting it would provide any measure of legal compliance. More information.

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