Getting Started in Health and Safety

Date: 20.11.2017     Last updated: 20.06.2019 at 16.09
A Safety Guideline for new starters which describes the key health and safety resources, processes, training and support services available in the BBC.

Whether you’re a Series Producer or a Runner, staff or freelance, this Guideline signposts the key things you need to know about to be able to do your job safely. See also our Quick Reference Safety Guide  (182KB pdf). Please note that some of the links provided here are only available to those on the BBC network.

What are my safety responsibilities?

These are described in the following places:

Where can I find BBC safety-related policies / guidelines?

Who can I turn to for safety-related support?

  • Safety Adviser team – contact details plus the areas / departments they support; see also Safety Contacts
  • Safety Advice Line – back-up support to the Safety Adviser team (Mon-Fri. 9am-6pm); maintainers of myRisks Information and arranging personal access to myRisks Tools
  • High Risk team – provide security advice to those deploying to areas designated as hostile under the BBC’s Hostile Environment Country pages
  • Security and Investigations team – advise on security measures in BBC premises / on location, and investigate security-related issues
  • Health and wellbeing – support services for occupational health, travel health, workstation and physiotherapy, and mental health
  • Child Protection – contact your Child Protection Adviser; see also Working with Children
  • BBC Insurance – contact the BBC Insurance Adviser team
  • BBC Workplace – service centre contact details for premises-related safety issues, and permits to film in BBC buildings.

What safety processes do I need to know about?

The BBC’s safety management and reporting processes are all comprised within myRisks Tools, including:

Access & Responsibility Levels describes your access to these processes based on your job role.

How do I improve my safety knowledge & skills?

Where do I find out about how to work safely with third parties?

  • Contractors – guidance and access to our ‘pre-vetted’ contractor / supplier lists
  • Contributors – guidance on working with contributors, including user generated content
  • Freelancers – guidance on training, scheduling and provision of personal protective equipment
  • Independent Production Companies - guidance on commissioning and the safety vetting process.

How do I keep up to date with changes in Safety?

  • Safety News – significant changes to safety guidelines and processes; issue of safety-related alerts / product recalls; announcement of safety events; safety tips / announcements
  • Safety App – safety news direct to your mobile device; as well as access to BBC safety guidelines.

 Safety Guides - Quick Links

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This site describes what the BBC does in relation to managing its health, safety and security risks and is intended for those who work directly for the BBC.

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