Safety Management

This section provides our Guidelines in relation to the organisational management of Safety in the BBC, as well as access to the BBC Safety Policy.

It covers a range of our safey management topics at the Corporate level, including risk assesment, training, assessing competence, and others. Also provided are our Corporate safety-related polices (see Useful Documents).

  • Management Organisation

    Management Organisation

    This topic describes the way that safety management is organised in the BBC. It should be read in conjunction with the information on individual responsibilities. In general, safety management responsibility cascades through the organisations management structure though specific tasks may be delegated.


  • Safety Responsibilities by Job Role

    Safety Responsibilities by Job Role

    This Guideline describes the safety responsibilities which staff and freelancers hold by virtue of their job role within the BBC.


  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment

    This Safety Guideline lists the key measures for those wishing to complete a safety risk assessment.


  • Training and Competence: Safety

    Training and Competence: Safety

    As an employer, the BBC must ensure employees are competent to do the work asked of them safely. This Guideline outlines the way we do this and how you can help, as well as providing a full list of our safety training resources.


  • Monitoring and Review

    Monitoring and Review

    Monitoring and review are the ‘check’ part of the Plan–Do–Check–Act of our H&S management system.


  • Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    A guide to some of the key safety records that we need to keep. It summarises what records are kept and who, in the BBC is generally responsible for keeping them.


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