Managing Accidents

Our collated accident-related Safety Guidelines should help you to manage, report and investigate accidents and incidents at work.

Despite best efforts, accidents do happen in the workplace and on location. When they do, it is important that we know what to do about them to safeguard those affected directly and to prevent others from suffering the same fate. This includes knowing the first aid arrangements, and how to collect information for accident reporting and investigation.

If you simply need to report an incident, a simple user guide to the myRisks incident reporting process is linked to below and the reporting tool link is in the top right hand margin.

  • Accident Reporting and Investigation

    Accident Reporting and Investigation

    This Safety Guideline describes how we manage, report and investigate accidents.


  • First Aid and Welfare on Location

    First Aid and Welfare on Location

    A guide to provision of first aid and welfare facilities when working on location, away from base.


  • First Aid in BBC Premises

    First Aid in BBC Premises

    This page describes how first aid is arranged in BBC premises. It supplements the guidance to first aid on productions. It is aimed at people who need to decide what provision to make for first aid on BBC premises. It also provides the arrangements and numbers for contacting ambulances and the National Central Control Room (NCCR).


  • Medical Emergency Evacuation

    Medical Emergency Evacuation

    We often work in countries and locations remote from emergency medical services. Should any of our team become seriously ill or injured, we need to have a plan in place to give first aid, stabilise and then transport them to a suitable medical facility as quickly and safely as possible.


  • Security Incidents and Investigations

    Security Incidents and Investigations

    Security threats to the BBC can and do manifest as a serious incident resulting in fatality, injury, programme and service loss, damage to property, reputation issues, and financial loss.


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