Fire Safety

Collated below are our Fire Safety Guidelines, describing existing fire precautions within BBC premises and the actions to be taken to prevent a fire, and ones to take should a fire occur.

  • Building Fire ManualThis guidance sets out the recommended contents of a building fire manual to be kept in each premises.
  • Fire PreventionThe most important element of Fire Safety is fire prevention.
  • Fire Safety in BBC BuildingsThis is a summary of the way that fire safety is managed in BBC Buildings and the individual’s role in the management of fire. It is not a complete guide to fire safety.
  • Fires - Buildings and BushfiresA guide to deployments of journalists and crew to large building fires and bushfires.
  • Fire Precautions for StudiosGuideline describing the main fire safety issues to consider when working in studios, including fire treating of sets, audience seating, cooking risks and smoking on set.
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)Guideline describing the measures to take to ensure those who need it can get assistance to evacuate a premises during a fire or other emergency.
  • Seating Audiences SafelyThis Safety Guideline concerns the safe design and construction of temporary seating for audiences at our events or shows.
  • Special and Physical EffectsGuideline on how to arrange pyrotechnics, explosives, fire, smoke, rain or other effects for artistic purposes on productions. They may be referred to as pyros or physical effects, and are often abbreviated to SFX.

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