Health Contacts

Date: 18.05.2018     Last updated: 31.08.2018 at 12.06
The BBC’s Occupational Health (OH) Services are provided by Medigold.

For the majority of your health-related queries and referrals, they can be contacted through the BBC HR Service Centre on:

  0477 (0370 024 3477)  - option 6, then option 1

International dialling Overseas: +44 121 567 6477

Email :

Office hours: 08.00–18.00, Mon-Fri

Workstation and Physiotherapy Helpline

Employees can call the Helpline direct themselves by phoning BBC HR Service centre on:

  0477 (0370 024 3477) - option 6, then option 2

Office hours: 8.00-5.30pm, Mon-Fri

Travel Health

To arrange vaccinations, as well as get general travel advice, contact the number below to arrange a travel health consultation. If your query cannot be answered immediately, a specialist travel nurse will return your call between 8.00-18.00 to discuss your needs. Please let us know if you require an urgent appointment for immediate travel. 

  0477 (0370 024 3477)  - option 6, then option 1 

(Overseas: +44 121 567 6477)

Office hours: 08.00–18.00 

Or Email:

For out of hours (i.e. 18.00–08.00): Please note the out of hours team do not have access to your travel vaccination history. If vaccinations and/or malaria tablets are required, you will be advised to complete a referral form for an appointment to be arranged. Prepare early – we advise making your appointment 4 -6 weeks prior to travel if possible, as you may need a course of vaccinations.

Travel Clinic

BBC Medigold Occupational Health & Travel Clinic in London:


  0477 (0370 024 3477)  - option 6 then option 1 (you can download a map from the right hand panel)


Medical Assistance Overseas

For pre-deployment reports of suitable medical facilities overseas, and for co-ordination of medevac arrangements following accidents / ill-health when on location, contact our Emergency Medical Assistance Provider.

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