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This toolkit is designed to make Business Continuity easier for you to implement. It includes advice, suggestions & templates.
For more information, please contact your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Team (BCDRT) representative for your area or contact the Business Continuity Unit.

Overview of Business Continuity

This document explains Business Continuity and how to use the toolkit 

Business Impact Analysis

These documents explains what a BIA is, how you complete it and helps identify your main priorities and vulnerabilities.

Business Continuity Strategies

When you have your BIA, you need to choose what strategies you will choose in order to keep your business going in an incident. These documents give examples of possible strategies

Business Continuity Plans

When your BIA is complete, you should complete your Business Continuity Plan.  These documents explain what should be included in a plan and give you formatting ideas.

Business Continuity Exercises

When your plan is complete it needs to be rehearsed/exercised. These documents explain what rehearsals are for and how to conduct them. They also give examples of scenarios you may wish to use.

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