Business Continuity

On call 24/7, the Business Continuity Unit co-ordinates the BBC's response to emergencies across the country in order to keep the BBC's key services to the public on air and on-line.

We set the policy and direction for the BBC's emergency planning and response, provide the specialist advice, knowledge and training across the BBC on how to plan for and respond to emergencies.

We rehearse the BBC's Director General and senior teams in responding to emergencies, and liaise with the UK authorities responsible for handling national emergencies.

We also provide Business Continuity sign-off for the BBC's new investments to make sure emergency arrangements and back-up are considered from the start of any new project.

When incidents happen we rely on our team of volunteers to come and help us. We have volunteers from all over the organisation. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or want more information about business continuity then please contact us (see link to Business Continuity Contacts below).

Business Continuity topics

  • BCDRTThe Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Team (BCDRT) co-ordinates business continuity planning across the BBC, facilitated by the Business Continuity Unit.
  • Business Continuity ContactsWhen things go wrong we need to be prepared so that the BBC can continue to operate and broadcast so it's important that you have your Business Continuity plan in place. Contact the team for advice and support on your plan here.
  • Incidents: Business ContinuitySTAY SAFE AND STAY ON AIR - In an emergency, would you know what to do? Your actions could help reduce the impact of these on our people and the BBC.
  • Incidents: Management for Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity procedures for incident management at the BBC.
  • Policies and Guidelines: Business ContinuityThe BBC Business Continuity Policy includes: Director-General's Statement on Business Continuity Strategy and Objectives Obligations and Standards Accountabilities.
  • Toolkit for Business ContinuityThis toolkit is designed to make Business Continuity easier for you to implement. It includes advice, suggestions & templates. For more information, please contact your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Team (BCDRT) representative for your area or contact the Business Continuity Unit.

Tools, guides and contacts

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