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In common with many other organisations, the BBC has been reviewing and restructuring. As a result of this, we have decided to re-focus our Corporate Responsibility work on a small number of strategic areas and our flagship Outreach project will be our journalism programme with 11-16s, BBC School Report.

Through this we reach 1000+ schools and 60,000 young people. The review also means that have now stopped doing wider Outreach work with 18-25s and other groups. A reduced BBC Outreach Team, based in the BBC Academy, now works with the BBC’s key audience of 11-16s, principally on the School Report project, with a focus on tackling societal disadvantage.

School Report website


What is Outreach? Not what, but who; that is the question. Spoken word artist Deci4Life created a poem to capture the spirit of BBC Outreach. Watch it here.

BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility brings the BBC closer to its audiences - particularly those audiences we have identified as harder to reach - with face-to-face activity, community support and staff volunteering. We also hold the relationship with the voluntary sector for the BBC.

We lead on the BBC’s corporate responsibility reporting, while telling the story of the outreach work carried out across the organisation.  We produce publications throughout the year, including the annual BBC Corporate Responsibility Performance Review, regular CR Updates focusing on a particular area of our work in the field and a newsletter - you can read our recent reports or sign up to our e-newsletter here.

We're currently based at the Mailbox, Birmingham with members of staff in Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and London.

We manage a national volunteering scheme that allows our staff to work with charities and community organisations around the UK.

We help programme makers produce content which harder to reach audiences will find relevant and enjoy. We also try to ensure that the BBC has a positive impact in areas where we are a large employer - primarily Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, Salford and Greater Manchester. We support the BBC's City Partnership in Bristol with an active outreach programme.

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