Putting our Public Purposes into action: Promoting education and learning.

What does this mean?

Education and learning have been at the heart of the BBC since it first began, and today we still place an emphasis on offering engaging ways for everyone in the UK to build their knowledge and skills across a broad range of subjects. As well as stimulating informal learning, the BBC aims to promote and support formal educational goals for children and teenagers and support adult education, especially related to essential skills development.


A world of wonder

BBC iWonder provides thought-provoking answers to fascinating questions sparked by BBC programmes, the news, anniversaries and world events.  Launched in 2013, the factual and educational website stimulates curiosity and provides learning opportunities for all audiences, with content across a range of subjects, from World War One to the Big Bang.

Interactive guides and timelines presented by experts organise video and audio, rich infographics, written summaries, and activities into stories that make the most of our interactive medium.