Digital terrestrial TV (DTT) in the UK is delivered free to air by Freeview. You receive Freeview via an aerial and you can get it on its own, from Youview or as part of a subscription package from BT Vision or TalkTalk.

Typical DTT reception problems include picture break-up (pixelation) or freezing, clicking sounds, sound dropping out and no reception at all. You may also find that interactive services (red button) aren't working, channels are missing, or you're receiving channels from the wrong region.

  • Reception problems

    Reception problems

    Help receiving Freeview television

  • Manual retune

    Manual retune

    Re-tuned? Still having reception difficulties?

  • Installation


    Many cases of perceived interference are, in fact, a direct result of a poor quality or damaged installation. For trouble-free television reception a good installation is essential.

  • Connected TV

    Connected TV

    Many models of recent televisions, PVRs and Blu-ray/DVD players are what the industry calls ‘Connected’ or ‘Smart’ devices. These are devices which can be connected to your home broadband to allow you to use applications on your TV like BBC iPlayer, the BBC Sport App or the BBC News App.

  • Multiplexes explained

    Multiplexes explained

    A Multiplex is simply a bundle of digital services – TV or radio or both, that have been digitized, compressed and combined together for transmission.