Digital Radio

What is digital radio?

If you love'll love the benefits of digital listening:

  • Your favourite stations plus even more choice with extra digital-only stations from BBC radio
  • Exclusive coverage, more in-depth interviews and discussions only from 5live sports extra
  • Better reception with no hiss, crackle, fading or station overlap that you get with AM or even FM radio
  • Easy and quick tuning with no need to ever remember frequencies again
  • More programme information about what you’re listening to

And don’t forget digital radio is available on a DAB digital radio, digital television, through a connected speaker, tablet and laptop. 

If you want to listen on your smartphone, just download the BBC iPlayerRadio app

All BBC radio services are available via a DAB digital radio and/or adaptor in your car.

What can I listen to on Digital Radio?

The BBC broadcasts up to 11 stations on digital radio to over 97% of the population.  BBC local radio services are also available on your digital radio.  To check the coverage in your area please visit the postcode checker.


How do I get digital radio?

You can listen to digital radio in a number of ways:

On a digital radio set, as with traditional sets, there are many kinds to choose from – portable, hand-held, hi-fi tuners, car radios, etc. Please check that you can receive digital radio in your area by entering your postcode into this link. The BBC national radio stations are available to 97% of the UK population.

  • Digital TV: all digital TV platforms (digital terrestrial, satellite, cable, broadband)
  • Online: with speakers or headphones plugged into your computer, laptop or tablet
  • Mobile: listen to all the BBC stations with the BBC iPlayer Radio app.
  • On the Move: There are also a range of digital radios for your car. Some manufacturers offer a digital radio as standard and others may offer it is an option. You can also purchase a small adaptor which can be fitted to your dashboard and connects to your existing radio. Some radios will require professional installation. Always check with your car dealer/retailer, or visit for more information.

What is DAB and can I receive it?

This stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting (the name of the system). To listen, you need a DAB digital radio - you can't receive digital only stations on a traditional FM/AM radio.  The BBC’s national digital radio services now reach 97% of the UK population and covers 85% of the major motorways and roads.  BC Local radio coverage will be rolled out to 90% of the population by the end of 2016.

Please visit the following link for further information

Postcode checker (DAB)

Check if you can receive digital radio by entering your postcode into the box below and click "submit". The results will be displayed via the Digital Radio industry "Get Digital Radio" website.