Changes for Freeview viewers in parts of Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire

Date: 17.07.2018     Last updated: 12.07.2018 at 10.33
On the 17th July 2018 most viewers using the transmitters below will need to retune. They’re likely to be affected by the re-allocation of frequencies in the 700 MHz UHF band, currently used for TV transmissions.

Viewers using the Sandy Health transmitter will fall within the catchment area of the work.  

If you use a Freeview signal to watch TV, you will need to retune your equipment after the changes. There will be advanced warning and advice given locally before particular transmitters are switched. 

This is part of a UK-wide schedule of works to be done in stages over the next three years. 

For help with re-tuning, any problems receiving services after the change, or if you have any further questions, please contact the Freeview advice line on 0808 100 0288. Alternatively, go to

For further details of the wider schedule of work please visit this page

If you are experiencing reception problems but live outside these areas, use our transmitter checker tool to check for faults and essential engineering work in your area.