What is a good Freeview installation?

A good installation needs a decent quality aerial fixed as high as possible and mounted securely on the outside of a building. The aerial needs to be pointing towards the best local transmitter. In some areas it may be possible to use loft or indoor aerials. 

Ensure you have good quality cables and connectors and a qualified installer should be able to suggest the best option for you. 



There are all kinds of aerials available on the market and some which are specific to certain frequencies. A wideband aerial is a popular choice, although there are other aerials available. A qualified aerial installer with local knowledge will be able to advise further.


Your aerial should be as high as possible pointing towards the transmitter with the best signal. Use the BBC’s Transmitter Checker tool to determine the best transmitter for your location. Ensure there is nothing in front of the aerial that could block the signal, such as trees. All TV reception predictions assume an outside aerial at a height of 10m from the ground.

Loft and indoor aerials

If you live close to a transmitter or can get a strong TV signal, then it could be possible to use an aerial in your loft or an indoor portable aerial. However, in both cases the signal will be weakened as it has to pass through various obstructions such as walls, roof tiles, foil backed insulation etc. Even if you are predicted to have good reception, you may have problems receiving services using indoor or loft aerials.

Cable and connectors

A television signal will always lose some of its strength as it passes along the cable and through the connectors. Therefore it is important to minimise the loss by using good quality cable and connectors.


These are not recommended unless absolutely required as they can introduce unexpected reception problems. See our help guide on the different types of amplifiers available


Depending on the transmitter you are using, your aerial elements will need to be mounted flat (horizontal) or on its side (vertical). A qualified aerial installer with local knowledge will be able to advise further.

Qualified Installer

We cannot recommend individual installers. However the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) is a recognised trade body which will be able to put you in touch with one of their members in your area.