Troubleshooting your Freeview Television reception

Freeview reception problems can be caused by many things. For example a fault with your local transmitter, poor installation, the weather, being tuned to the wrong transmitter or (though rarely) interference. 

All will have a similar result of on screen pixellation or the sound breaking up.

If you locate the problem and it is with the cable or aerial, you should seek the advice of a qualified installer.

Basic Installation

It is important to check that your installation is intact. For example all the cables between your television equipment and aerial are connected securely and none is damaged. Further information is available in our Freeview installation guide.

Works and Warnings

Check our Works and Warnings section to see whether there are any known problems.

Transmitter faults

Using our Transmitter Checker, check your transmitter is not undergoing any work. 


Television signals can be affected by fine weather including high pressure (atmospherics) and the only solution is to wait for the weather to change, you should not retune during this time. See how weather can affect Freeview reception.


During wet weather, when covered in moisture, all trees can have an appreciable effect on signals. As trees sway in windy weather the screening effect varies, leading to fluctuations in the quality of reception. 

Damaged Cables

Water can get into external cables and can cause reception problems. To rule this out see our guide on cables and water damage.

Manual Retune

A manual retune is more effective than an auto-retune as it only tunes your television to the transmitter your aerial is pointing towards. For more information on how to retune manually see our manual re-tuning page.


If you are still having problems, it is possible an unwanted signal is the cause. For information on the symptoms of interference see our other site, RTISfor further information.

Qualified Installer

We cannot recommend individual Installers. However the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) is a recognised trade body which will be able to put you in touch with one of their members in your area.