Manual Retuning - to restore reception or missing channels

If you are experiencing picture break up, missing channels or the wrong regional news you may need to re-tune your TV set manually. This allows you to select the transmitter that provides the best service for your area and can solve a number of common problems.

A manual re-tune can be used for any Freeview-based service such as BT, Youview and Talk Talk.

Before carrying out a manual re-tune, you need to know which transmitter your aerial is pointing towards and the channel numbers used by that transmitter. Our Transmitter Checker tool can help you find the correct channel numbers to use. 

Use the manual re-tune option and not the auto-tune option on the television menu to take you through the process. If a manual re-tune does not work there maybe further options available to help solve problems.

Finding transmitter and channel numbers

Enter your postcode in the transmitter checker tool. It will check for faults in your area, help you select the transmitter you are using and you can find the channel numbers or frequencies you need to manually retune.

Auto tune vs Manual tune  

There are two types of tuning, automatic or manual. Both are done using your remote control. An auto-tune allows the television set to tune to services from any transmitter that it can receive. A manual re-tune allows you to input and store, one by one, only the correct channel numbers or frequencies for the transmitter your aerial is pointing towards. 

Why a manual re-tune is important

Some locations are within range of multiple transmitters.  When a television set auto-tunes, it automatically starts from the bottom of the channel or frequency range and works upwards. It tunes to the first channel it comes across, even if they are weaker signals from the wrong transmitter. 

The manual re-tune did not help

This may be because your receiver still has wrong channels stored in its memory.  There are two ways to clear the memory:

  • Perform a factory reset -from the tuning menu as described in your manufacturer’s instruction manual. Sometimes manufacturers refer to this as 'first time installation' or 'shipping condition'. Press ‘OK’ if your equipment asks whether it is OK to delete existing channels. This will clear your settings.

  • Do an auto-tune with the aerial lead removed. This will clear the memory and remove the unwanted, stored channels. The aerial lead will then need to be put back in again.
  • Repeat manual re-tune.  Following either of the two options above, you need to do a manual re-tune.

Need more help?

If you have difficulty with these options you should seek assistance.  Help is available from the Freeview Advice Line which can be contacted via its website or on 03456 505050.