Audio Description

This help guide will explain what AD (Audio Description) is, how to find out what programmes will have AD as well as on how to turn AD on and off.  

What is Audio Description? 

AD provides additional audio to compliment the programme by providing commentary to what is happening on screen in between speech. AD is available on all TV platforms (and BBC iPlayer) but is not available for every programme. 

How do I turn Audio Description on or off? 

How you turn AD on and off will vary slightly depending on the platform you are using. Once enabled, AD will be on by default on all channels until AD is turned off. Select the platform you use for instructions: 

How do I know what programmes will have Audio Description? 

Use the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) on your television. If a programme has audio description, ‘AD’ will be listed in its programme description. 

Also, some devices can play a noise when a programme starts to let you know that the programme has AD. Please refer to your manual/manufacturer or service provider.