Radio reception problems due to high pressure

Radio reception can very occasionally be affected by certain weather conditions which can cause radio signals to travel further than normal.

There is nothing that can be done but to wait until the weather changes. 

Effect of Weather on Reception.

Weather-related problems tend to happen mainly in the summer, when high pressure can cause a radio signal to travel further than it would normally. This is known as tropospheric ducting. For more information see our guide on tropospheric ducting.

If this distant radio signal is on the same frequency as the one you are listening to it can cause a reception problem. This is because your radio will struggle decoding two radio stations on the same frequency. This is known as co-channel interference

The effect can last from a few hours to a few days and can cause intermittent effects on the service during that time.

What  to do:

There is nothing that can be done but to wait until the weather changes. We have no control over it. 

If your problem is due to the weather, it should go away once the weather changes.

Works and warnings

Check our works and warning page to see if there any current weather problems.