DAB Phase 4

The latest on BBC National DAB Phase 4 roll out

The next phase of expansion of the BBC National DAB network – Phase 4 – will take coverage from 93% to 97% of the population.

We are not able to provide specific details on when improvements in coverage will reach particular areas for a number of reasons – weather and other variables can impact on the build of particular transmitters. Details of the transmitters as they launch will be published on this page. The postcode checker for DAB at www.getdigitalradio.com will also be updated as the roll-out progresses, it may take a short while for coverage from the very latest transmitters to be added to the postcode checker.

Please visit this link for further information.

Postcode checker (DAB)

Check if you can receive digital radio by entering your postcode into the box below and click "submit". The results will be displayed via the Digital Radio industry "Get Digital Radio" website.