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This website has been designed, to help you with any problems you may have receiving BBC Television and Radio services. This information will help you determine if your own equipment or aerial is the cause.

Reception problems are normally the responsibility of either the householder or the broadcaster to overcome, depending on where the problem lies. Common causes of reception problems include:

  • Equipment or installation faults
  • Trees or buildings blocking reception
  • Signals being reflected from buildings, structures or hills
  • Weather-related problems
  • Transmitter work or faults

If you’ve had the problem continuously for some time, and especially if it is not affecting neighbours using their own aerials, it is likely to be a reception problem and this website is here to help.

If the problem occurs intermittently but reception is otherwise good, and it affects your neighbours’ reception at the same time in the same way, it’s more likely to be interference.

Contact Us

If you've been unable to find the solution to your problem on this website, the Reception Advice Service can be contacted:-

  • By phone – 03700 100 123
  • By letter – PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR


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The BBC will only use your personal details for the purposes of investigating your reception or interference enquiry. We may need to pass this information on to third parties, including Arqiva, who oversee our transmitter maintenance, Digital UK who manage the Freeview platform, at800 who manage the mitigation of 4G interference and/or Ofcom, who have a responsibility to maintain the radio frequency spectrum. We may also use your data for historic analysis of transmitter problems within your area.

The BBC and our service providers will retain your data in accordance with our retention policy and Data Protection legislation. Visit the BBC's Privacy and Cookies Policy for more information.

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