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How BBC Reception Advice service is run

We are here to help you solve any reception problems you may have with the BBC's  television and radio services in the UK. This website has a number of tools and guides to help you identify and solve your problem.

We also work closely with other organisations, such as Freeview and Restore TV, to look for trends and wider reception problems such as equipment-specific issues.

This is an advice and guidance service and we are unable to undertake site visits. If you are can't solve your problem with the advice given, you may need to use a professional installer.


Our Services

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Problem assistant

Our diagnostic tool will take you on a step-by-step journey looking for current faults and offer appropriate guidance as required. It incorporates both the Transmitter Checker tool and current Works & Warnings. If, after following the advice given, you still have reception problems, you will need to answer some questions. The answers, along with all the information in the journey, will be collated and sent to our Reception Advice team to see whether there is any additional advice our experts can give.

Your answers may indicate the problem is due to interfering signals rather that a reception problem. If so, you will be given the option to have your information sent to the Radio and Television Investigation Service (RTIS). The RTIS is managed and operated by the BBC and has a different remit from the Reception Advice service. RTIS deals with both BBC and commercial domestic TV and radio services. For more information visit the RTIS website.

Works and Warning

We will inform you of any known or forthcoming problems, or engineering works that may affect viewers and listeners.

Our Transmitter Checker

This tool is to check whether your transmitter has a fault or is undergoing maintenance.

Help Guides

From experience, most reception problems are caused by equipment within the householder's own home.  Our guides will help you with your own investigations.

Common Complaint Questions (FAQ'S)

We have pulled together the most common questions we have received over the years, to help you solve your problem quickly.