Research & Development

Audio Research work stream

BBC R&D’s Audio Team aims to give BBC audiences better listening experiences. We think that future audio services should be:

  • Accessible – better access to storytelling with improved intelligibility and understanding
  • Personalised – more compelling storytelling, allowing audience members to tailor audio to individual preferences and needs
  • Adaptable – the best listening experience in varying situations, i.e. adapting to listening context
  • Immersive – more powerful storytelling with a realistic sense of space and interaction

We’re working with teams across the BBC to develop and test technologies, with academic partners on novel research, and with industry partners to develop standards and evaluate new tools and systems.

Currently, our work is divided into four main projects:

We also provide assistance and advice on audio matters to other parts of the BBC, to support the maintenance and development of our systems, services and products. For example, perceptual evaluation of different coding schemes and data rates in digital audio services.

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