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Immersive and Interactive Content section

IIC section is a group of around 25 researchers, investigating ways of capturing and creating new kinds of audio-visual content, with a particular focus on immersion and interactivity. We often work directly with production teams to try out prototypes, and collaborate with R&D’s UX researchers to evaluate the user experience. Our work has led to commercial products in areas such as virtual studios and sports graphics, and standards for things such as object-based audio and high dynamic range video. An earlier incarnation of this work area was known as Production Magic, but we changed our name partly to reflect that our work increasingly covers the consumption side of the programme chain as well. New forms of immersive and interactive content require new capabilities in the end user’s equipment, such as high dynamic range displays, web-based interactive audio-visual rendering, and VR headsets.

The work of the section is divided into two areas:

  • The Audio team focuses on new audio experiences, including object-based and 3D/binaural audio.

  • The Visual Computing team investigates new kinds of visual content, including the generation of 3D scenes from video for mixed-reality applications, and the use AI for real-time video analysis to create metadata to support programme production and new audience experiences.

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