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This paper presents a new survey of production teams’ perceptions of personalisable media and its integration into their current workflows. It examines whether production teams are happy working with new media forms where the audience can personalise their media experience. These results, combined with the outcomes of the 2-Immerse Project, are formed into key principles for the design of new media tools. These key principles are then compared with the experiences of three separate production trials of new media. These teams had supporting tools which were at various stages of development.

The limitations of these tools and the impact they had on completing the projects in terms of time and complexity are discussed, along with the additional tools that the teams used and the roles these played, most noticeably at the planning stage. Finally, we use the experiences of these teams to validate the developed principles for creating production tools and workflows for new media experiences.

This document was originally published as an IBC 2020 Technical Paper, "The Impact of New Forms of Media on Production Tools and Practices".

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