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This engineering paper presents a freely-available binaural room impulse response (BRIR) dataset measured on a multichannel loudspeaker system. The 32-loudspeaker array includes all loudspeaker layouts specified in Recommendation ITU-R BS.2051. Measurements were carried out in an ITU-RBS.1116-compliant listening room using a Neumann KU100 dummy head microphone. BRIRs were measured at2◦steps of rotation of the dummy head. The dataset can be used for dynamic data-based auralisation of multichannel loudspeaker signals, such as those generated by the so-called advanced sound systems described in ITU-R BS.2051, i.e. systems that can render surround sound with height signals from channel-based, object-based and/or scene-based content representations. The dataset is made freely-available in the SOFA file format.

This paper was originally presented at the 142nd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society,20–23 May 2017 in Berlin, Germany and is also available from the AES’s electronic library at

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