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This paper describes the construction and validation of an affordable and accurate two degree-of-freedom rotational mount for making head-related impulse response (HRIR) and binaural room impulse response (BRIR) measurements using a dummy head microphone. We review the design requirements for a rotational mount in the context of measurements for binaural rendering, with reference to perceptual factors. In order to achieve a low-cost solution, we evaluate the suitability of a motorised telescope mount. Issues considered during design of the system are discussed. The use of affordable electronics to convert the mount into a general-purpose computer-controlled rotational platform is presented, as well as objective measurements to validate performance. Finally, the limitations of this system are discussed, and further use cases proposed.

This document was originally published at the 136thConvention of the Audio Engineering Society, 26-29 April 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Also available in the AES eLibrary at