Personal devices with loudspeakers can be orchestrated to increase immersion from low channel count reproduction systems. A trial production was conducted to investigate the content creation workflow and delivery mechanism for orchestrated devices. The content (a 13-minute science-fiction drama entitled The Vostok-K Incident) included: a stereo bed; elements only replayed from auxiliary devices; and elements that could either be in the stereo bed or replayed from auxiliary devices. A bespoke production environment was established, including plug-ins for authoring the metadata needed to utilize the rendering ruleset. Ambiguity in the reproduction system, coupled with flexible and complex metadata authoring requirements, made the production challenging and time-consuming. Future work will focus on refining the production process and developing delivery tools.

This paper was presented at the 145th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, as eBrief number 461. The full published version can be found at

The original paper was published in October 2018; at the time of submission, The Vostok-K Incident production had not been released. As of publication of this white paper, The Vostok-K Incident is available to view online at

Additional key words: device orchestration, immersive audio, object-based media

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