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Analysis of sports such as football often makes use of techniques to allow the broadcaster to show a view of incidents in a match from different angles. This can involve a manual process of creating a model of the game at a key moment, requiring a 3D model of each player to be created, or selected from a pre-defined library of players in different poses. This is time-consuming, limiting the number of incidents that can be analysed.

This paper presents a method to automatically identify the pose and orientation of a football player from a video still image to allow such applications to be speeded up.

The Random Fern Forest classifier is used in conjunction with a set of 3D person models to produce a pose estimation of the football player.

This is a quick classifier so can be used in applications that are required to run in a very short time. This document was originally presented and published at the Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP) Conference, London 1st & 2nd December 2015. The slides are included in an appendix to the white paper.

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