BBC Research & Development's IP Studio project is investigating the use of an IP-Based infrastructure for live broadcasting, using a combination of theoretical design and experimental prototyping.

During the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, IP Studio technology was used to produce a live 'IP-end-to-end' outside broadcast.

Using network connectivity provided by Virgin Media, JANET and the BBC, live ultra-high definition video was captured from cameras in several competition venues, and delivered into a software-defined production system. Ancillary production facilities such as talkback and camera tally indicators were also implemented using the same IP network. This facilitated a highly distributed production workflow, with operational tasks being undertaken at several sites throughout the UK.

Final programme output was delivered over IP using MPEG-DASH, and also broadcast from selected existing digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmitter locations using HEVC compression over DVB-T2.

This paper describes the components and configuration of the IP Studio system used during the games, and explores the geographically distributed, collaborative workflows it enabled.

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