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Binaural synthesis has gained fundamental importance both as a practical sound reproduction method and as a tool in audio research. Binaural rendering requires significant implementation effort, especially if head movement tracking or dynamic sound scenes are required, thus impeding audio research. For this reason we propose the Binaural Synthesis Toolkit (BST), a portable, open source, and extensible software package for binaural synthesis. In this paper we present the design of the BST and the three rendering approaches currently implemented. In contrast to most other software, the BST can easily be adapted and extended by users. The Binaural Synthesis Toolkit is released as an open software package as a flexible solution for binaural reproduction and to foster reproducible research in this field.

This paper was a collaboration as part of the S3A Future Spatial Audio project. The full list of authors is: Andreas Franck (University of Southampton), Giacomo Costantini (University of Southampton), Chris Pike (BBC R&D), Filippo Maria Fazi (University of Southampton).

This paper was presented at the 144th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society. It is available from the AES electronic library at

The Binaural Synthesis Toolkit is now available as part of the VISR framework and can be found on GitHub at

The contents of the original paper are made avaialble as part of a detailed tutorial on the S3A website, within the VISR framework documentation.

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