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This engineering brief reports on the production of three object-based audio drama scenes commissioned as part of the S3A project. 3D reproduction and an object-based workflow were considered and implemented from the initial script commissioning through to the final mix of the scenes. The scenes are being made available freely and without restriction as Broadcast Wave Format files containing all objects as separate tracks and all metadata necessary to render the scenes as an XML chunk in the header conforming to the Audio Definition Model specification (Recommendation ITU-R BS.2076 [1]). It is hoped that these scenes will find use in perceptual experiments and in the testing of 3D audio systems. The scenes are available via the following link:

This page was written by several authors as part of the S3A Future Spatial Audio project. The full list of authors is: James Woodcock (University of Salford), Chris Pike (BBC R&D), Frank Melchior (BBC R&D), Philip Coleman (University of Surrey), Andreas Franck (University of Southampton), and Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey).

This paper was presented at the 140th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society. It is available from the AES electronic library at A free version of the accepted manuscript is also available from the University of Salford's website at

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