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What we've done

Live video content is increasingly consumed over IP networks in addition to traditional broadcasting. The move to IP provides the opportunity to discover what people are watching in much greater breadth and depth than currently possible through interviews and set-top box based data gathering.

The goal of ViSTA-TV is to exploit this data for the benefit of broadcasters, viewers and third-parties.

Why it matters

IPTV provides the possibility that viewing could become a more social and interactive experience. However, the large number of available channels means that browsing schedules has become time-consuming and tiresome.

Our goals

  • To help people find interesting TV programmes
  • To provide a real-time view of audience interest and activity
  • To gain a better understanding of viewer behaviour

How it works

ViSTA-TV will collect anonymised viewing data, media streams and enhanced electronic program guide information and perform a real-time data mining analysis.

The analysis will extract features, such as tags, and behavioural attributes which can be used to generate personalised recommendations, aggregate statistics and linked data.


  • Real-time viewer analytics
  • Personalised TV recommendations
  • Linked open data about TV programmes



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