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What we've done

We have created a survey which is open for anyone with internet access to complete, which asks questions about screen sizes and viewing distances, as well as the individual viewer's personal preferences. By asking questions about the way people view their televisions we will be able to make informed judgments about the technical parameters for any new services.

The results of the survey are presented in our White Paper. Many thanks to everyone who took part.

Why it matters

The last time we carried out a survey of television viewing habits was in 2004. In recent years displays have changed drastically, sizes have increased and flat screens are now much more common-viewing conditions may have adjusted to correspond with those changes. Factors such as the viewing distance can change the perceived quality of the picture, for example if you're too close to the screen the individual pixels will become visible, making the image less realistic. It is therefore important for us to obtain accurate information that reflects the general public's viewing habits, so that we can take this into consideration when deciding technical parameters for new services.

Our goals

Our objective is to understand how people watch television at home.

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