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Exploring how object based media can work outside a screen and audio. The area of work started with the Perceptive Radio version 1 in 2013, version 2 in 2015 and now a client application which runs on a smartphone. Using perceptive technologies (implicit interaction from sensors & data, to adapting media objects) to create a experience unique to the listener(s) and their context.

BBC R&D - Object-Based Media

Why it matters

Perceptive Radio combines the notion of the ‘Internet of Things’ with perceptive technology (sensing, insight and algorithms) to enable old-fashioned immersive storytelling without . It is a networked object that can deliver tailored media experiences sympathetic to domestic environments, without being disruptive or jarring.

Its Personal, Dynamic and Responsive without being creepy or infringing personal liberties, It adaptives to changes in context in real time. It dances with Interactivity and we are also exploring the value and feasibility of object based media approaches for engaging with audience. We believe that this offers the key to creating increasingly Immersive media experiences as it gives more story possibilities to the writer/director/producer. But also provides levels of tailored accessibility we have yet to imagine.

How it works

Being a physical but networked object gives it presence, tangible and more real than a laptop playing the same content. The device acts as a enchanted object, watching and recognising the audience’s mood, context and reaction to the media experience its crafting. The changes are subtle and immersive rather than abrupt changes that would take the audience out of the immersion.


Perceptive Radio v1 - 2013

Perceptive Radio v2 - 2015

Perceptive Podcast client v1 - 2018

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