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Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (PhD)

Research Engineer

Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy

Dr. Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy is a Project Research & Development Engineer with the BBC working on how broadcasters (and content makers) could have more personal ‘conversations’ with audiences on interactive and immersive platforms. She is especially interested in using insights in user behaviour to generate novel experiences, that takes advantage of emerging platforms, while still ensuring user needs are met. She has research interests in HCI, (social) VR, AR, connected TVs/devices and interaction design. Her research activities can be seen on her research page. She has published with (and reviewed for) ACM SIGCHI, ACM IMX, ACM VRST, Eurographics, IVA, CGF and IEEE TVCG.

She is VP for Conferences on the ACM IMX Steering Committee and an Adjunct Chair for Equity on the ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee (2020/21). She was a Technical Programme Chair for IMX 2018, Diversity Chair for IMX 2020, Industry Chair for IEEE AIVR 2020, Technical Programme Committee member for MMVE 2021 and is General Chair for IMX 2021.

She is also a BBC STEM Ambassador and volunteers with Inspiring the Future. Before joining BBC R&D in 2007, she worked as a research fellow, on the EPSRC supported Equator IRC project, in virtual environments and computer graphics at University College London (UCL) specialising on building virtual characters. She has a PhD from UCL in Computer Science and a BEng in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey.

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