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Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (PhD)

Research Engineer

Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy

Vinoba is an R&D Engineer within Broadcast & Connected Systems. She mostly walks/runs/floats around trying to think up new types of synchronised companion screen experiences for connected homes. Currently, this ranges from building prototypes which showcase these experiences using new and archived content to running exploratory studies to gauge how our audiences might react to them. Her research is supported by the 2-Immerse project.

Previously, she focused on building prototypes that combine content on social networks with programmes being played on a connected TV. She also worked on generating 3D content for autostereoscopic devices as part of the 3D4YOU project and generating background textures as part of the iView project within the Immersive & Interactive Content team.

Before joining BBC R&D in 2007, she worked as a research fellow, on the EPSRC supported Equator IRC project, in virtual environments and computer graphics at University College London (UCL) specialising on building virtual characters. She has a PhD from UCL in Computer Science and a BEng in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey.

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