Rosie Campbell (BSc, MSc)

Project Research Engineer

Rosie Campbell

Rosie joined BBC R&D in 2011 on the graduate scheme, where she worked on projects such as mood metadata classification, adaptive bitrate streaming over TCP/IP for home networks, Super Hi-Vision Olympic trials, and a browser-based immersive experience for navigating live music events.

After completing the scheme she joined what became the Future Experience Technologies team and worked on projects such as Smart Wallpaper, Primer 'Nearly-Live' Production, Multiplayer Broadcasting and AI Production, which explores how Machine Learning can enhance the way we cover live events. She often speaks at tech conferences and community events about her work.

Rosie's background is in Physics (BSc) with Philosophy, and Computer Science (MSc), and is interested in the intersection of these areas. In particular, she is interested in the challenges and opportunities of emerging disruptive technology such as Artificial Intelligence. She co-founded the community group Manchester Futurists to explore these themes. Rosie is also an aspiring rationalist and a passionate advocate for diversity in tech.

Rosie left in October 2017 to take on the role of Assistant Director of the Center for Human-compatible AI at UC Berkeley, a research group which aims to ensure that artificially intelligent systems are provably beneficial to humans.

You can find Rosie on twitter @RosieCampbell or on LinkedIn.

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