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Fiona Rivera (PhD)

Senior R&D Development Producer

Fiona Rivera

Dr. Fiona Rivera is a Senior R&D Development Producer in BBC Research & Development. Fiona drives projects that help invent the future and move beyond the state of the art in media and broadcast.

Fiona joined the R&D video coding team as part of the H2020 COGNITUS innovation action. Highlights include collaborating with international partners and stakeholders to develop and run a live audience-facing pilot for new emerging technology at BBC Music Day. Fiona also led user trials of the COGNITUS AI smart platform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Pride in London. She then joined the Marie Curie ETN JOLT project on the visual data analytics team before focusing on next-generation production services.

Prior to BBC, Fiona gained extensive experience in disruptive solutions for next-generation media and immersive technologies on the European digital scene through Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). She held instrumental roles in multidisciplinary European Commission funded actions including precursors to the metaverse CP REVERIE, NoE 3DLife, and CSA EMC2 as well as in CPCSA FI-ADOPT, and CSA CONECTA 2020.

Fiona holds a Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D animation PhD in Electronic Engineering (a href="">QMUL), an M.Sc. in interactive digital media and VR (University of Sussex), a computing B.Sc. (Open) and a B.Sc. in Economics (London School of Economics). She also trained in 3D content production (Escape Studios) and in 3D animation (Animation Mentor). Fiona served as the publicity chair for IEEE ICME 2020 and led the design of the interactive global online conference for ACM IMX 2021. Fiona’s interests centre around virtual production, the metaverse, VR, 3D animation, motion capture, UX, and engagement with visual media.

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