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David Marston (BEng)

Senior R&D Engineer

David Marston

Dave Marston attended the University of Birmingham and achieved a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering. After a short spell working for Galatrek designing uninterruptible power supplies he joined Ensigma specialising in DSP programming and speech coding research. In 2000 he joined BBC R&D, initially working on DAB and then moving on to audio coding research and testing. Among the many areas of audio research Dave has been involved in, subjective testing has been an important area. He has been involved in EBU projects over several years, and was chairman of the FAR-BWF group (improving the BWAV file format). Another area of his expertise is semantic audio, including managing of the M4 (Making Musical Mood Metadata) collaborative project. Over recent years Dave has been involved in the development of the Audio Definition Model (ADM), a metadata model used to describe future audio formats. He has developed the ADM from the initial concept and has turned into an international standard that is now being adopted across the audio industry. He was has also been involved in two recent EU-funded projects: ICoSOLE (lead the BBC work) and ORPHEUS.

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