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Accepted Submissions

The following papers have been accepted:

Make/ Receive: The new broadcast, Pete Thomas
The author is unable to present this paper in person

Tales of Things: Interacting with everyday objects in an NFC world, Martin de Jode, Ralph Barthel, Andrew Hudson-Smith

Prototyping screenless media experiences, Jasmine Cox, Cefn Hoile

Tiny Theatre: I remember touch, Chris Martin, Navid Gornall, Jing Jing Yang, Tao Yin, Chongyu Tu, Wen Qiu, Jon Rogers
The authors are unable to present this paper in person

Tweet Owl: Printing tweets in the studio during a fully visualized radio show, Andrew Nicolaou, Chris Lowis

Empathy in the Internet of Things, Paul Coulton

Guest speakers

  • Tony Duarte, Fluxx
  • Denise Wilton, BERG London
  • Rachel Rayns, Raspberry Pi
  • Adrian McEwen, DoES Liverpool & Good Night Lamp
  • Andy Gower, BT Research & Innovation

Call for participation

The workshop seeks to uncover how the Internet of Things (IoT) can offer alternative touch points into and across TV and Radio and change how broadcast media is experienced.

Contributions from a variety of research areas may take the form of case studies, physical and experience prototypes, theoretical or conceptual discussions, evaluation techniques and technological challenges. We especially welcome submissions from practitioners who have working prototypes or demos, accompanied by extended abstracts or position papers.

Your position paper should attempt to address one or more of the following:

Simplified physical interactions

Moving away from multipurpose devices, we want to know what can IoT can teach us about simplified interaction. For example, one-touch interactions can be quick and simple for the user to understand. For IoT the challenge may be interpreting those interactions.

We are also interested in expanding research from screen-based interactions to explore how IoT can introduce new and novel interactions. Especially ways in which they are more inclusive of the diversity of user needs. For the BBC, we need to think about our aging audience and the need for elegant, simplified interfaces to ensure access to our services. For IoT, this may mean exploring personalisation and configurability.

Affordances and real-world digital

For new Internet connected devices and objects, affordances can be a crucial component in serving more natural and intuitive interactions. We are interested in the implications of giving an inherently digital experience some physical form.

Digital metaphors

For digital natives the distinction between digital and physical can be blurred. For some content (which has always been digital) making those interactions physical may pose some difficulties but equally some opportunities. Here we are also interested in what we can learn from different user groups.

A connected world

As media consumption becomes more ubiquitous, we need to think of new ways to provide access to content, expanding from a relatively contained connected home to a ubiquitous world. Here, we want to consider the fluidity of IoT and how the environment can impact development in the area. These may include situations of increased cognitive load for the user or those that constrain the interaction choices that can be made (e.g. voice control in noisy conditions).


We welcome practitioners and academics with an interest in this topic to submit a short position paper or an extended abstract with short bio by email to by 1st July in order to participate in this one-day workshop.

Contributions will be selected based on originality, quality, and potential to generate discussion. We welcome both completed and in-progress work. We hope the session to be highly interactive so we expect to accept a number of submissions with demos (physical or otherwise) to spark interesting debate.


If your submission is accepted, one of the authors will be expected to attend and register for the full-day workshop.

Important Dates

  • EXTENDED - Workshop papers due: 14th June 2013 1st July 2013
  • EXTENDED - Notification: 12th July 2013 19th July 2013
  • The workshop will take place on the 9th September 2013

Relevant links

HCI 2013 - The 27th International British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference: The Internet of things

Programme Committee

  • Penelope Allen, BBC R&D
  • Steve Benford, Nottingham MRL
  • Jasmine Cox, BBC R&D
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, DesignSwarm/ Goodnight Lamp
  • Cefn Hoile, Lancaster University
  • Joanne Moore, BBC R&D
  • Jon Rogers, University of Dundee
  • Michael Sparks, BBC R&D
  • Vicky Spengler, BBC R&D

Workshop Organisers

  • Vicky Spengler, BBC R&D
  • Penelope Allen, BBC R&D
  • Jasmine Cox, BBC R&D