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BBC Research & Development's Sound: Now & Next conference was a hugely important event for the department. By acting as the hub to bring together engineers, academics, technologists and artists the conference gave programme makers and engineers across the organisation an opportunity to explore some of the immense possibilities afforded by new audio technologies.

The Best of Sound: Now & Next

You can watch a selection of the inspirational keynote talks and presentations from sound artists, producers and engineers below. For more information on the event itself please read event organiser and head of R&D's Audio Research Team Frank Melchior's blog post.


  • Chris Watson at Sound: Now & Next - A Journey South

    Chris Watson - A Journey South

    Wildlife Sound Recordist Chris Watson's keynote talk takes us on a fascinating journey through the sounds of the South Pole

  • Nick Ryan at Sound: Now & Next - Sound is Magic

    Nick Ryan - Sound is Magic

    Audio Designer Nick Ryan gives a fascinating keynote talk on some of the cutting edge audio work he's been involved in, blending sound, science, senses and art

  • Mark Boas on Hyperaudio

    Mark Boas - Hyperaudio

    Co-founder of Hyperaudio explains how word-timed transcripts open up new possibilities

  • Isabel Platthaus and Achim Fell - Multiplatform Narrative 3'

    Isabel Platthaus & Achim Fell - Multiplatform Narrative '39'

    ‘39’ is a binaural radio drama and audio app that allows the listener to explore the story location

  • Matt Brooks on Responsive Radio

    Matthew Brooks - Responsive Radio

    Responsive Radio automatically generates a programme at a length chosen by the listener

  • Nuno Duarte on audio at the Olympics.mp4

    Nuno Duarte - Audio at the Olympics

    How do you plan cables and mics for the Olympics, when the venue doesn't even exist yet?